Social media wall

LiveWall creates interaction during your event by displaying social media on your screens

Unique interaction

LiveWall creates interaction during your event or within your company
By blending social media and other interactive content, LiveWall creates the ultimate combination between online and offline interaction on your screens.

Dynamic content

LiveWall displays all interactive content at screens.
Switch between pictures, videos, voting and other applications. This allows you to manage your screen contents.

LiveWall is used by

Make your event an interactive experience with LiveWall by using social media for an improved social presence with our advanced Twitter wall.
LiveWall has many features. They create an advanced narrowcasting system that is extremely easy to use.
Customer Service
LiveWall collects all online content about your product or service and displays it on screens in your office.
LiveWall collects social content about your brand and allows you to track all online activity and statisticss.
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